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  Polymorphic Poof Chair

The most comfortable Chair on earth...
Maybe even the Universe.

  Relax on a Poof! 

   It is definitely not a beanbag...
It is infinitely better; it's aPOOFChair!
Manufactured by Comfort Research.

When a person sits on a Polymorphic Poof Chair, their first reaction is, "Wow, this is no bean bag!" That statement is correct. The Polymorphic Poof Chair is much more high quality. It is filled with polyurethane foam, the kind of foam that is used in making couch cushions and most other padded seats. Polyurethane is very resilent so it does not break or smash down like polystyrene beans that are in a bean bag. The Polyurethane foam filling, combined with high quality material and workmanship, has produced the world's most comfortable chair. 

Among the many features of the Polymorphic Poof Chair: 

  • It can be used anywhere. 
  • It is perfect for watching TV, studying, reading, sleeping, relaxing, playing video games, and much, much more. 
  • It has no pressure points. 
  • An entire room can be decorated with the Original Polymorphic Poof Chair, the Original Polymorphic Poof Medium, the Original Polymorphic Poof Jr., and the Original Polymophic Pouch Poof for your animals. 
  • It is very versatile. 
  • It can be sat on in any position. 
  • Simple to move. 
  • Easily slips around tight corners and up narrow staircases. 
  • Reduces in size so it is inexpensive to ship. 
  • Great for any age and size person. 
  • Many people like to use a Polymorphic Poof Jr. as a foot rest to compliment the Original Polymorphic Poof Chair. 
  • Covered in Cotton/Polyester Twill

Relaxing on Poof

Sleeping on a Poof

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