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March 31st is the next Big Day!

Win Three Gorgeous Tapestries!!!

The prize for our FREE March raffle is a collection of Three Tapestries to help improve your decor 

If you are not a student, enter anyway - you can always send your prize to anyone of your choice - or just keep it for yourself.

No purchase is necessary to enter. Just fill out the form and submit. Do it now - you have nothing to lose. We will post the winner on our home page on the date of the drawing.

Unless you tell us otherwise in the comments box below, you will be automatically entered in our future frequent raffles. Your name and email address will not be sold or made available to any other business but we may notify you of the winner of each raffle and, at the same time, let you know of new, koool and exciting 'goodies' at CollegeDepot.com

Your Name stays in for a new Raffle every few weeks!

The Winner of the February 29th Drawing is

Patricia Andrade

Boston College

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